Dead Sea Spa Magik 24h Marine Miracle Moisturiser 75Ml



Dead Sea Spa Magik 24h Marine Miracle Moisturiser 75Ml

Originated from the Dead Sea, the minerals and oils present in the marine miracle moisturizer are preciously beautiful for the skin and useful as well. The given moisturizer serves the purpose of both day and night creams and keeps the skin intensively nourished, smooth and gives a natural youth complexion to it. In dry seasons, when you are in dire need of a moisture boost all the more because your skin is dry and sensitive, try applying and massaging this moisturizer in your body to see wonders; it makes the facial contours placid and soothing as well. The presence of multiple minerals in this moisturizer is what makes it call a Marine Miracle and it battles incoming radicals too; the Shea Butter is renowned for its hydrating, strengthening of the skin and healing capacities. You’ll notice a unique tenderness in your skin post usage.

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