Cup of Cheer Wax Melt Bar

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Cup of Cheer Wax Melt Bar

The unique blend of ginger, vanilla and cinnamon makes the wax melt bar an ideal gift for people eager to keep fragrant and luxurious stuff in their houses or work places. The mind boggling aroma of the bar can sooth your soul and mind and ensure a sound good night sleep. Coming to usage, you need to break the blocks which are in the form of squares and place them in an oil burner; after that just sit back and wait for the odor to fill each and every corner of the room o that it can refresh your mind and revitalize your senses.

The kind of fragrance produced by this bar can serve as a perfect stimulus during meditation as the odor helps anyone to focus more and more; the bar comes in a package of 6 and guarantees you a cozy night.

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