Cornflower & Jasmine Hydrating Cream



Cornflower & Jasmine Hydrating Cream

During the winter season, it is a very common fact that the skin gets dry and as a result cracks up. The common myth surrounding this fact is that people tend to blame it on the cream, saying that their cream is incapable of carrying out its function. But the truth is that, creams are not to be blamed; it’s the skin that does not accept every cream to make changes. Keeping this in mind, Great Elm has produced a scintillating cream in ‘Cornflower and Jasmine Hydrating Cream’ that promises to pack the punch that is capable of. Cornflower is one of the most important substances that prevent dryness of the face and jasmine is used for the scent of the product. Together, along with other skin-friendly substances, they form one of the best Hydrating Creams. This superbly rich in ingredients and the reviving cream is all that is needed to get over the dryness of the skin.

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