Comfrey Blend Ointment from Abluo



Comfrey Blend Ointment from Abluo

Comfrey blend ointment is a herbal product that has been made to treat skin concerns and pains. It is a very popular ointment to treat pains in toes, ankles, knees, shoulder, wrists and back. This has been developed to relieve pain and reduce the strain that is associated with osteoarthritis; a degenerative joint disease that happens due to the breakdown of joint’s cartilage. Comfrey is made up of special beeswax which gives a protective layer over the skin so that the essential oil penetrates deep into the skin and heals the pain. Along with beeswax, pure organic lavender oil is added as an essential oil as a natural preservative. One of the beneficial properties of comfrey is the high content of allantoin that is a substance helping in promoting the growth of new skin cells. Comfrey ointment can be also used to help heal bruises and pulled ligaments and muscles.

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