Coconut Fragrance Oil


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Coconut Fragrance Oil

The Coconut Fragrance Oil from Avena makes for a truly exotic, unconventional and a tropical choice. Coconut oils have been popular in most parts of the world because of the inherent properties of the main ingredient i.e coconut. The essential oils are extracted from coconut and then put in a process that goes down the ages, resulting in the production of this beautiful fragrance oil. All the products from this organization being so popular needs no sampling and can be trusted hands down. This fragrance oil can be used in multiple ways. Like in oil burners, lamp rings and can be put in potpourris and spread over dried leaves to get a beautiful fragrance. When used in an oil burner, first the dish of the burner has to be filled with water. Afterwards, a few drops of this fragrance oil is added to it. This product being of superior quality does not require more than 5 to 10 drops. You can enhance the fragrance by mixing a few more essential oils.

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