Clearspring Roasted Sicilian Almonds (30g)

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The 30g pack of Clearspring - Roasted Sicilian Almonds has 93% almonds and 7% tamari including soya beans, sea salt, water and mirin. The product might contain some traces of nuts despite the manufacturing method removing fragments of shells. The certified organic Clearspring Roasted Sicilian Almonds are roasted to perfection lending an amazing crunchy texture. Enjoy the almonds straight out of the pack to go with any choice of drink or just as an accompaniment. 100g of Clearspring Roasted Sicilian Almonds offers 2666 kJ or 646 kCal of energy, 58g of fat including 5.8g of saturates, 43g of monounsaturated fat and 9.7g of polyunsaturated fat, 3.8g of carbohydrate including 3.2g of sugar, 10g of fibre, 21g of protein and 1.3g of salt.

Ingredients: almonds* (93%), tamari* (7%) (soya beans*, water, sea salt, mirin* [sweet rice*, water, cultured rice*]).* Organically grown

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