Carbolic Soap Bar 200g by Christina May



Carbolic Soap Bar 200g by Christina May

Carbolic is a brilliant disinfectant against most germs. This Carbolic Soap Bar has been produced with the best of carbolic according to its pharmaceutical grade which can fight against germs like MRSA, C, Difficile and Bird Flu. . This soap bar has undergone the process of production which is trusted and has been continuing since decades. It contains shea butter and the other ingredients are assembled from the best of places. These Christina May soaps are produced in the English countryside where they are formulated and fragranced. You can place these beautiful soap bars in your drawer alongside your towels, beddings and clothes. It will result in leaving an enchanting and fresh scent. This will make a great gift for your loved one. The fragrance will linger in your mind even after days of usage. These soaps are available three in a bunch for a great price so make sure you make full use of this amazing offer.

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