Camellia & Myrtle Intensive Face Care



Camellia & Myrtle Intensive Face Care

It is quite strange on some brands’ part that they have decided to use chemical substances and oil to fight against the different types of skin , especially the oily skin type. Oil against oil is as stupid as it gets. It is time that we need a change in the thought process and switch to herbal treatment or something that is completely organic. Get introduced to Great Elm’s ‘Camellia and Myrtle Intensive Face Care’, which is completely organic in its composition and carries out its work with ease and effortlessly. Combining Lady's Mantle light oil, which is used to treat various skin diseases like rashes, along with sunflower seed oil, this face wash is completely herbal in nature and is absolutely harmless and skin-friendly. And then comes the Camellia oil along with the fragrance of blackcurrant, which not only gives the scent to the product, but also acts and compliments the other substances to bring out a fresh and a revived skin.

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