Body Milk With Fig Leaf



Body Milk With Fig Leaf

This Body Milk, a liquid soap available in seven fragrances, does it all for your skin! It offers nothing but goodness for you. Milk is an excellent toner that can improve your complexion, making your skin look lovelier and healthier with the proper nourishment it gets from milk. If you’re prone to developing breakouts and zits, this product is perfect because it shrinks your pores, preventing the development of pimples on your back, chest and legs, among other body parts.This body milk also works to get rid of dead skin cells and it promotes cell renewal and recovery, giving you young-looking skin all the time. It also keeps your skin soft and smooth like a baby and it smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines with its ultimate moisturizing effect.This product is not tested on animals and it does not contain any harmful and chemical skin irritants.

Unit Size: 250 ml

Body Milk With Fig Leaf

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