The aroma mouse is po...
The aroma mouse is portable and can always add to your intensity of pleasure and delight; the diffuser through which you get mesmerizing fragrance can very well be used at home, at work and as mentioned above..
The machine is silent...
The machine is silent in operation, safe, clean and economical. The absolute aromas consist of essential oils which have no side effects on the human body and are highly refreshing and soothes the mind ama..
Your style is importa...
Your style is important everywhere you go because the perfect makeup makes the perfect world. When people are interested in you, your world may change. You can get more friends and network and everything beco..
Having the perfect ma...
Having the perfect makeup is a must. The perfect makeup is not only achieved by use of the quality of the cosmetics self, or because of it's high price. The best makeup also depends on the way to apply it. Th..
Do you know how much ...
Do you know how much you need Blending Brush? It is a small and tall brush that should be used in finishing the detail part of your face. It is good to apply your make up by using this tool because everything..
Consumers of essentia...
Consumers of essential oils have been demanding an Essential Oil Diffuser since a long time. It is a simple but an innovative way to optimally use these essential oils. You need to add a few drops of an esse..
Do you know how much ...
Do you know how much you need Blending Brush? It is a small and tall brush that should be used in finishing the detail part of your face. It is good to apply your make up by using this tool because everything..
The box contains 6 bo...
The box contains 6 bottles of Heal & Restore Aromatherapy Oil. This box is very convenient to carry and keep the bottles safe. The oils in this kit have wonderful properties. If you are troubled by nausea, m..
The reusable Konjac E...
The reusable Konjac Eye Cleansing Pads are the best way to remove makeup without any irritation of the skin and delicately exfoliate the area around the eye. The pads should be hydrated under warm water and t..
  The MORO...
  The MOROCCAN EXFOLIATING KESSA GLOVE will complete your exfoliating routine. It works effectively without causing harm on your skin, as it does not have any abrasive materials that will strip a..
Most of the fragrance...
Most of the fragrance oils have been popular with its clients since a long time. Avena has now come up with a unique solution to bring more than one fragrance oil under one roof, making it an excellent gift p..
Simply Gentle Org...
Simply Gentle Org Cotton Balls promises a product that is completely free of GMOs. Furthermore, you will want to also keep in mind that these cotton balls are made without any artificial pesticides, ferti..
Simply Gentle Org...
Simply Gentle Org Cotton Buds promises a product that is one hundred percent biodegradable. This means something that is not only good for its intended use, but also something that is good for the environ..
We have discussed how...
We have discussed how protecting the skin can go a long way and not only make people look beautiful but give one a fairer skin which is healthy for the body. But everything does not lie in the face. While the..
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Organic skincare solutions for the face and body won’t be complete without body care accessories! That is why we’re presenting you our very own line of body care accessories, meant especially to support your goal of minimizing your exposure to chemicals found in various commercial products used for the body, face and clothing in this modern world.

On this page, we’re featuring different body care accessories, additionally is our Moroccan exfoliating glove, a washing kit essential common in public baths, which has powerful but gentle exfoliating action on the skin. [More products are coming up on this category soon.]

In your quest to limiting your exposure to chemicals and toxins found in the air, food or clothing, it is no wonder you are slowly but surely shifting to natural products, including shaving creams, lotions, soaps and facial creams. These products contain no parabens, isopropyl alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate, among others, commonly on mainstream beauty and wellness products on the market.

With the growing demand for organic and natural products, Naturelle Cosmetics recognizes your hunger for more! That is why we’re presenting you our line of body care accessories you need to stick with your new healthy lifestyle.

All these products are suitable for vegetarians, as they don’t have any animal-tested-and-derived materials. They’re also 100 percent biodegradable and earth-friendly, meaning they also have low carbon footprint, as compared to other body care accessories you will find on the market.

Our body care accessories are manufactured under the strictest standards and quality assurance tests to meet the highest industry guidelines when it comes to earth-friendly and user-friendly consumer products.

Why choose our body care accessories

  • 100 percent earth-friendly
  • No harmful synthetics and artificial materials
  • Not harmful even for those with sensitive skin or those with health conditions
  • Safe to use
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Best quality around

Body Care Accessories Advantage

  • Certified vegan products
  • Certified safe even with long-term use
  • Worldwide shipping
  • COD (cash on delivery) available for European Union customers
  • Affordable pricing
  • No component tested on animals
  • All products come in biodegradable and recyclable packaging
  • Company practices fair trade
  • Earth-friendly

When you get body care accessories from us, you’re assured of 100% satisfaction because all our products are guaranteed quality-tested and healthy. 

We’re also a green company that supports everyone against climate change by offering only natural and biodegradable products in our store.  Products featured on this site are certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers (United Kingdom) and ECOCERT.

To meet your goals of living healthily with organic products, you may also be interested in other featured categories,

  • Natural Skin Care
  • Natural Body Care
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Natural Soap
  • Men's products

Start shopping and feel nature’s rewards for your skin and your health! For all your natural skin care, body care and hair care needs, Naturelle Cosmetics is here for you. To complete your skincare and anti-aging beauty regimen, shop for our best body care accessories today!