Body Butter 150g Classic Blend No.9



Body Butter 150g Classic Blend No.9

The body butter moisturizer manufactured by Winter in Venice is a brilliant blend of water lily and freesia with slight rose and rosemary aroma which adds to its placidity. The natural oils present in the essential herbs of the lotion enhance the hydrating and cooling power, thereby giving the body a mesmerizing glowing look. The finest of the oils make this body classic lotion which give the product a healthy and fabulous touch; the manufacturers pride on being one of the very few toiletry makers who make products devoid of SLS and paraben.

The products are manufactured in Britain as well and although people believe that quality products are more expensive, Venice intends on earning ordinary profits and by gaining good brand name instead of elevating profits. Besides classical body butter moisturizer, Venice is into more such extravagant products with an authentic price tag in order to throw light on their love for the company.

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