Bath Bomb Souffle - Touch of Froth



Bath Bomb Souffle - Touch of Froth

The bath bomb soufflés by Ancient Wisdom are literally a treat for everyone, particularly all the people looking for relaxation. They come in a massive 130g size and are literally an explosion of fun and fizz in your bathtub. The touch of froth flavor is one of the most tempting and delicious flavors out of all the bath bomb soufflés. They create extra froth and extra fizz with an added benefit of a tempting and scrumptious aroma. To top it all off the soufflés come in an elegant and stylish case and each fragrance is packed in shrink rapped outer tray of 16 pieces. The touch of froth bath bomb soufflé comes in a pretty and elegant lavender color and creates an adorable colored froth. This flavor is perfect for all the people that enjoy extra froth, as much as they can have it.

Ingredients: Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidSodium ChlorideSodium Lauryl SulfateAquaparfumBenzyl AlcoholCI 45430CI 42090CI 16255

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