Baby Oil for massage and bath



Baby Oil for massage and bath

It is of utmost importance that you provide only the best things for your baby. Elaborating on the topic, ‘best things’ would be a generalized statement but the things which suit best to your baby. Be it a regular soap to wash his body, or the shampoo to gently wash his scalp. These things done and dusted, there comes the most important product which is essential for nourishing the gentle skin of your baby- the baby oil. Little Herbs has introduced one of the best baby oil currently available in the market. Made with sunflower oil, this has been tested and proved that it is absolutely not harmful for the developing skin, and being non-sticky, is easy to apply too. Roseship seed is the basic ingredient and helps to keep the skin well moistured. Tocopheral too will keep the skin from getting too dry and will ensure that your baby gets the best skin treatment.

Ingredients: Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed oil*, Rosa canina (rosehip seed) oil*, Tocopheral (Vitamin E) oil*. NOTHING ELSE. *certified organic ingredients

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