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The origin of Chandrika Soap dates back decades. It is believed that it was manufacted in the 1940s when ayurvedic products had not originated. Ayurveda has its roots in India thousands of years ago. It becam..
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Nobody likes acne. Unless you’ve had perfectly clear skin all your life and decided that you want to “try” having a pimple for the fun of it (which would mean you’re crazy), for most women, acne is synonymous to “annoying”.

The good news is that there are ways on how to prevent and eliminate acne. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so this article will be focused on how to prevent acne altogether. Even with acne-prone skin, there are effective ways that can help stave off those nasty zits.

If you already have the habit of using ayurvedic soap or any acne-fighting product as part of your skincare regimen, you deserve an applause right now. Meanwhile, using one effective product should also be supplemented by other things, like good diet and exercise. This is because skin care is systemic and holistic, and goes beyond just the surface of the skin. Below are a few secrets to acne-free skin.Use products with no harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals are everywhere, not just in your toilet cleaner or BPA-laden plastics, but in skin “care” products as well. In fact, more than 50% of mainstream hygiene products being sold in your local drugstore or department store contain chemicals that are hazardous for your health in the long run.

If your facial cleanser, makeup, or any product you put on your skin contains any of these chemicals, it’s time to throw it away: parabens, triclosan, dye, sulfates, fragrance, and phthalates. It’s best to stick to something certified organic or natural. Buy ayurvedic soap, try an organic cleanser, experiment with natural makeup. Be open to alternatives, because most of the time, conventional and mainstream beauty products often cause the pimples that you’ve been dreading for years, without you knowing it.

Remove makeup well

Makeup is often a hit or miss, particularly when it comes to how it affects the skin. Use the wrong foundation for a couple of hours, and your skin might breakout overnight. This is why it’s important to remove your makeup well. There’s an entire routine on how to properly remove makeup, which is something that all women should practice. Always start by taking off makeup with a makeup remover or with beauty wipes, then wash with a natural cleanser or ayurvedic soap. The latter has mild ingredients that does not harm the skin, but potent enough to remove dirt and remaining residue.

Exfoliate gently

Even if you wash your face every night, remove your makeup, or even avoid wearing makeup most days, it’s still crucial to exfoliate your skin. There are impurities that remain in your pores that aren’t seen by the naked eye, caused by pollution and dirt. It is advisable to exfoliate at least once a week to keep your pores free of impurities. The next time you buy ayurvedic soap, accompany it with an organic scrub.Eat a balanced diet

You’ve probably heard that beauty is skin deep, and it really is, literally and figuratively. Having acne-free skin is not only a result of good skincare practices, but a good diet as well. This is not to say that you should go drastic and eliminate anything that makes you happy (e.g. chocolates and chips); it’s important to keep them to a minimum. Instead of focusing on elimination, aim for abundance. This means that you should focus more on what’s healthy, than what is not. Load up on vegetables, fruits, and other nutrient-rich food. Still, too much of anything isn’t good for you and for your skin, so cut down your intake of junk food (if you’re having a hard time completely removing them from your food list).

After all, it’s all about balance. Just as you’re regulating your skin’s acne-prone tendencies by removing your makeup every night and using ayurvedic soap, so should you be balanced in your eating habits. Your skin will thank you for it.