Funky Feet Foot Balm



Funky Feet Foot Balm

Foot reflexologies state that the theory of reflexology is solely based on the theory of smooth functioning of organs, muscles, tissues and circulation of blood flow from the apex of the body till the feet; in order to keep that intact one needs to apply feet balms and get used to foot massaging on a regular basis. The following maintains the body and avoids complicated dysfunctional ties and enables the body to function properly.

The foot balm we are talking about is immensely helpful as it naturally battles bacteria owing to its herbal essential oils and the peppermint aroma of the ointment is ever so soothing and refreshing which all the more aids in diminishing any sort of pain, thereby providing us with utmost relief. When you develop bruises or severe swells due to rigorous exercise or workout, the balm acts as a catalyst in the reduction of pain. It is SLS and paraben free.

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