Arnica Ointment - a wonderful natural beauty treatment



Arnica Ointment - a wonderful natural beauty treatment

Arnica, originally called Arnica Montana, is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory medicine which in both ointment and oral doses. It is used for a lot of medicinal purposes. It can be used for bruises, injuries, muscles, ligament injury and backache. It is also known as the best pain relieving ointment which heals bruises, swelling and also counteracts inflammation. The ointment is better than the oral medicine to heal the wounds. The ointment is extremely effective on muscle and for joint pain. Arnica reduces the bruise marks by helping your body reabsorb the blood. It is very effective in dissipating and lightening the bruises. It can even be applied to forehead for reducing severe headache. However, it is advised not to apply it on broken skin. For getting the best results, take a small amount of the arnica ointment and rub it onto the affected areas at least twice a day.

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