Aniseed Essential Oil (Illicium Verum)


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Aniseed Essential Oil (Illicium Verum)

The basic constituent of Aniseed Essential Oil is anethol. The oil is prepared with almost 90% anethol. The other constituents are estragol, butyric, anisic alcohol, etc.

There are many benefits of this oil. It relieves hiccups. When you are having stomach cramp, you can massage this oil for relief from it. The Aniseed Essential Oil can also give you relief from respiratory problems. If you use this in a diffuser, it can give you relief from cough and cold. If you are troubled by nausea, migraine or vertigo, Aniseed Essential Oil can help you. It can also help you to make your breath fresh. The oil is beneficial to men also as it increases their libido.

However, while administering Aniseed Essential Oil to infants and babies, care should be taken to avoid the delicate skin.

Aniseed Essential Oil is beneficial to human beings if it is used moderately.

We at Naturelle Cosmetics make sure to provide you the best quality Aniseed Essential Oil, without any adulteration.

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