Absolute Aromas Sandalwood Oil (5ml)



Absolute Aromas Sandalwood Oil (5ml)

People of all generations know the benefits of sandalwood and its popularity regarding its beautiful, breath taking odor. The sensual and scintillating aroma does not only refresh our minds but it also has a highly grounding effect. Besides, sandalwood oil is a very good anti inflammatory which is beneficial for comforting aching muscles, soothing muscle and joint pain and easing headaches. You must have also heard as to how sandalwood oil serves as a purpose of meditation; the aroma is unique and helps you concentrate on the meditation, it is also used during spiritual practices.

Sandalwood oil has a strange ability of easing and calming our minds in times of anxiety and weariness and even otherwise, the mind becomes still and peaceful. A blissful massage with sandalwood oil ensures proper sleep, healthy and well maintained skin and well being. The oil is available in a 10ml container.

Ingredients: Contains 100% pure,natural and undiluted Sandalwood essential oil.

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