Absolute Aromas Rose Otto Oil (2ml)



Absolute Aromas Rose Otto Oil (2ml)

Quite evident from the name of the product, the oil is immensely beneficial in virtue of mesmerizing aroma and the nourishment power owing to the presence of rose herbs in it. The rose Otto has a placid, tender and slightly warm fragrance which is rich and floral in nature and can distinctly calm the layers of the skin and hydrate it naturally. There are around 250 varieties of roses with different species and hybrid variations which are used in the form of toiletries by both men and women, also we know as to how rose is well known for its therapeutic properties.

Rose is an ideal oil to be used for dry and sensitive skins in order to moisturize and soothe it with its natural odor. You can apply the Rose Otto oil right after bath or before going to bed during dry seasons.

Ingredients: 100% Rose Otto Oil

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