Absolute Aromas Rose Absolute Oil (2ml)



Absolute Aromas Rose Absolute Oil (2ml)

Rose has been treasured since decades and the Rose Absolute has a rich and sweet, floral fragrance which can sooth any individual and prevent all his anxieties, stress and exertion. The color of the rose absolute is dark yellow, quite similar to that of amber; besides being a popular aphrodisiac, the rose oil is also very calming and ensures regular and smooth balancing as well as functioning of the organs. Quite obviously, the oil does not have any kind of adverse effects on the skin and it nourishes the dermal and epidermal layers by seeping deep into them and forming a protective barrier which can combat all forms of bacterial elements and environmental compounds. The oil consists of natural herbs which automatically refreshes and hydrates the skin, thereby enhancing the appeal and agility of it; it also restores the essence of zest and well being.

Ingredients: Contains 100% pure,natural and undiluted Rose Absolute essential oil.

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