Absolute Aromas Jasmine Absolute Oil (2ml)



Absolute Aromas Jasmine Absolute Oil (2ml)

Jasmine is known as the King of Aromatics owing to its floral, subtle and refreshing fragrance which is enormously breath taking and can touch anyone’s heart. The odor of jasmine does not only refresh your mind but also revitalize and enliven a person, you feel light, free of worries and tension after applying this oil. It is a popular aphrodisiac and has a sensual touch in it; you can apply the oil whenever you wish to, however, using it right after a warm bath or shower will be worth it and equally nourishing. A perfect massage with this jasmine oil can fill anyone with utmost pleasure and provide them with an indulgence of delight.

The oil balances all kinds of moods and tensions and ensures proper and smooth circulation of blood; the jasmine absolute oil is available in a 2ml jar and the shipping is quite reasonable.

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