Absolute Aromas Chamomile Roman Oil (10ml)



Absolute Aromas Chamomile Roman Oil (10ml)

Roman Chamomile has a unique aroma which is an amalgamation of fruit essence and beauty; the oil has a sweet fragrance which can sooth any individual and ensures a person’s sound sleep. The oil is highly beneficial for dry skin, especially during dry seasons when the skin begins developing coarse marks and lines, wrinkles, a smooth massage with this Roman oil can invariably nourish and moisturize your skin with it's natural plant extract. When you develop muscle and joint aches in your body and when headaches or tissue pains become severe, don’t you feel like rushing to a therapist? It is plausible to do so, however, try applying and massaging this oil in your body instead, which is sure to do wonders.

Ingredients: Contains 100% pure,natural and undiluted Organic Chamomile, Roman essential oil

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