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Natural Makeup Remover - Organic Makeup Removers from Naturelle

Removing your makeup is a crucial but sometimes overlooked step in skin care. In fact, experts claim that you should spend as much time removing your makeup as you would for putting on makeup. There’s a great deal of online buzz on makeup tips and tutorials— how to contour, what makeup brand sells the best matte lipsticks, how to use eyebrow stencils…the list is endless!

Makeup is indeed a fun way to express femininity and even artistry, but it is important to remember that a great makeup look starts with good-looking skin. You cannot achieve clean and clear skin if your makeup removing habits are abysmal. And no, washing your face once is not enough to remove all that BB cream on your face. Read on and discover the power of natural makeup removers and the importance of maintaining a routine.

Start by keeping your hair away from your face

Before you begin the actual process of removing makeup, it is important to keep your hair away from your face by putting it up on a ponytail or a clip. Wearing a headband is even better, especially if you have bangs. This is an essential part of your routine, because it exposes the hairline and certain parts of your face where makeup residue tends to build up. The next time you buy natural makeup remover, consider purchasing a facial spa headband as well.

Lip color removal

According to beauty experts, it’s best to start removing lip color first so as not to smear it all over your face. You can use a makeup wipe or an organic makeup remover to remove all that lip color. Remember to do it gently and avoid using harsh motions with your cotton pad.

Remove eye makeup with care

Removing eye makeup needs the most attention, as the eye area tends to hold the most products— mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow makeup, and concealer. Women tend to use waterproof and smudge-proof products on their eyes, so it really requires great care.

To clean out eye makeup, start by gently removing false lashes (if you’re wearing any) and mascara. You can use a cotton bud drenched in organic makeup remover and go over the lashes. Next, get another cotton bud with makeup remover and remove your liner. Lastly, get a cotton pad and soak it in natural makeup remover, then gently press on the eyes for 30 seconds to loosen the makeup so it is easy to wipe away. Don’t forget your brows as well. Always remember: the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive, so take extra precaution and never rub.

Remove face makeup using a gentle but effective makeup remover

After focusing on eye makeup, it’s time to give your face the care it needs. It is not enough to wash your face with a cleaner, especially if you have tons of makeup on. There are different types of makeup removers in the market— oils, creams, wipes, and even cleansing water. To keep your skin healthy minus harmful ingredients, it’s always best to buy organic makeup remover  over chemical-laden ones.

Do your usual routine

Once your makeup is off, only then can you proceed with your skincare routine. It’s always best to stick to the CTM method (cleanse, tone, and moisturize). Wash your face the way you normally would, tone with an alcohol-free toner, and of course, moisturize.

As long as you stay religious to a good skincare routine, you will no doubt enjoy the benefits of having clear, beautiful skin.