Make up remover



Make up remover

Never sleep with your makeup on! This is the old reminder that proves true for every woman. Now, you can get rid of makeup without causing irritation to your skin with this potent but gentle makeup remover that works to remove makeup effectively, leaving your skin clear and clean, without the residue of cosmetics that make your skin look older.Makeup has to be removed before sleeping so that your skin can breathe and so that you can avoid the pores from clogging. With this essential beauty habit, you can achieve flawless and smooth skin.While it is effective, the product contains no abrasive ingredients that could ruin your face’s smooth texture and that could bring you skin redness and allergies. It is also gentle that it is safe to use around the eyes, too. Best part is that this product does not contain any artificial fragrances that might irritate your face.Add this makeup remover to your cart today!

Ingredients: Organic orange blossom water flower, organic argan oil and shea butter.

Unit size: 200 ml

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