Lavender & Rose Bath Crystals 2 Jar Set



Lavender & Rose Bath Crystals 2 Jar Set

The blend of purified rose, essential oils, rose petals and dried lavender extracts makes the jar set all the more refreshing, even more owing to its mind blowing fragrance and ability of soothing and relieving one from anxiety and exertion. The crystals of both rose and lavender make your bath splendid and ensure a sound and good night’s sleep; the ointment is free of chemical additives, SLS and pareben and cannot be tested on animals. The natural herbal salts, crystals, botanical pieces and oils enhance the essence of the ointment and make it all the more nourishing and soothing for the skin.It is very much a natural bathing product and one amazing experience; the fabulous scent of the product can calm any person, thereby establishing the beauty of this recommended jar set by Avena. The 250g each container serves as a fantastic gift.

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