Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Classic Blend No.7



Hand and Body Lotion 250ml Classic Blend No.7

Keeping aside maximizing enormous profits, Avena is focusing primarily on earning brand loyalty and asking to emulate the same by requesting their customers to develop a form of bondage for their company. One of its products being the hand and body lotion is typically an indulgence into bliss and uniqueness as the moisturizer is an exclusive blend of water lily and freesia; this imparts smoothness to the skin and makes it all the more nourishing and hydrating. Presence of slight undertones of rose enlivens any individual using it and makes him refreshed. The ingredients of the body cum hand butter are entirely natural and the herbal essential oils give natural beauty to the skin and prevent dryness, dark spots and unwanted marks. The product is being manufactured in Venice and serves as an amazing gift too owing to its decorative parcel.

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