French Lavender Dried Flowers 30g Jar



French Lavender Dried Flowers 30g Jar

The completely natural and chemical additives free lavender jar has an immensely strong fragrance which lasts for a prolonged period of time because of the presence of lavender plants and flowers which is generally blue or dark grayish in color and is an epitome of refreshment. Coming from lavender fields, the ointment is rich in essential oils which is filled with natural herbs and has high amount of vitamin E in it. Apart from all this, it is perfect for filling lavender bags, lavender crafts which are basically for home purposes, wedding gifts or even lavender pillows. The lavender usually comes in a 30 grams jar in a decorative plastic bottle which along with its lovely aroma elevates the appeal of the house as well. Avena’s products are undoubtedly commendable and focus on earning brand loyalty, this specific ointment being one of them.

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