Floral Collection Natural Lip Balm Gift Set



Floral Collection Natural Lip Balm Gift Set

Available in a package of three set of lip balms, the gift set is beautiful and serves numerous purposes. Especially for flower lovers, this lip balm set is ideal as it not only smells of plant extracts and flora but also prevents lip dryness and swells on the lip. These lip balms are completely handmade, manufactured in UK and do not have any sort of adverse effects on your lips; they are befitting for vegetarians as well. Besides using the lip balm set in the form of a gift, you can keep one in your house and use the other two in work places. The set weights 0.2000 kg merely and comes in three varieties of flavors, them being Calendula, Lavender and Chamomile; all three have a unique aroma and can never disappoint you in terms of refreshing your lips now and then.

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