100% Org Argan Oil (28ml)



100 Org Argan Oil (28ml)

Argan Oil has long been considered as one of the best skin-care reagents, which not only makes the skin fair and smooth, but also acts as the barrier to the harmful pollens that are mixed with the harmful air containing the particles of pollution, which are extremely dangerous if they penetrate the skin pores and can cause serious skin diseases and infections. There are quite a few oils in the market that claim to act as the barrier against these pollens, but a recent survey has showed that there are side effects due to the chemicals that are resent in their composition. The ‘100% Org Argan Oil’ is completely organic in its nature and is 100 percent made from the pure Argan oil seeds, which are efficient in acting as a permeable barrier to the pollens. Blended with high levels of Vitamin E and other seed oils, this is one of the best oils available in the market.

100% Org Argan Oil (28ml)

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